A Gullet Full of Trouble

At Vergence we found immense tentacles stretching up through cracks to assault the city. I bisected one and the remainder twitched away below us reflexively. Its passage left a convenient hole to follow, so I leapt in and exhorted the others to follow. They eventually caught up with me at the bottom of the continent where I stood upon a bulbous mass that was sending its tentacles up through cracks in the bottom of the continent. The mass itself was too large and insensible for my attacks on its exterior to do significant damage. However, we spied a large extrusion that ended in a gargantuan maw and decided that the least bad option before us was to drop down it to seek out the vital motive essence of the thing.

En route we had a brief conflict with giant ugly worm like things. They were not all that difficult to overcome, but the process was singularly disgusting, for they spewed slime everywhere and swallowed a few of us whole several times, despite my brutally cutting my way out. Once we had dispatched them, nothing worked to impede our transit. Though our way took us past the partially digested remains of a bewildering variety of creatures.

Following divine inspiration, I led the way to a large interior space where we confronted a gargantuan glowing green monstrosity of tentacles and slime. Being within its presence was dangerously unbalancing to the minds of mortal men. Our slide into madness was halted by harmonic of order emitted around us through the Dwarven Speaking Stones. Captain Keffin Balnor had sensed it and countered its unnatural influence so that we could retain our faculties for the final battle.

The final Avatar of Tharizdun, the Sycophant, was an aberrant and twisted thing whose unnatural existence in our realm was unhealthy for reality itself. It continually blasted incomprehensible thoughts at us which left us reeling. Its physical position was unstable from one moment to the next. Its many tentacles lashed out at us and scattered us about the chamber. Nevertheless, as many times as it cast me away, I returned to slash away at its unnatural flesh to rend it into incapacity. In the end, Kong Meng set us up to strike it all at once, and so it was destroyed. Its death resulted in everything falling away, including the semi-organic structure in which we had fought. The Ring of Retreat was activated, and then its power reinforced, to carry us to Vergence.

We found ourselves under a new sun, and with an unusual salty tang in the air. The shift to New Zhia had occurred as we fought. Other combatants trickled in through the portal having struggled against the forces of the abyss or the far realms. I prayed for inspiration and came away with the impression that our struggle was finally over.

Emperor Marcus returned, along with the other heroes: Keffin, Raiden, Guan Yu, Rote Stang, and some kind of tall snake person whose forces had appeared near the end of the struggle. He gave a speech before our assembled alliance to propose the peaceful colonization of our new world. Though our struggle was over, and Tharizdun cast out of our reality, a few rifts remained which would need ongoing attention. The one in Hestavar should be monitored by the forces of heaven. However, the one in Lumeria, which lurked in the Abyss now, had no guardian. Keffin volunteered to seek it out and stand guard over it, for the madness beyond it could not touch him. The rest of us are left to rebuild our lives in our new land.

- Deacon Novius Carnifex Vergilius



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