Chipping the Ice From the Walkway

After Oli reinforced our wardings against the Maelstrom, Rampart and I jumped down from the bottom of the continent to study the area. Rampart repaired himself as I scouted the area waiting for everyone else to float down. Their motelet was a fairly unremarkable chunk of roughhewn ice and rock all things considered.

Terhali and I scouted ahead until I spotted a few peculiar Frost things studying us from high above us on a ridge. As they were well out of my immediate reach, I prepared a quick prayer to Erathis to guide me to them regardless of the distance. That turned out quite well, for I was able to join them on their peaks, and pursue them as they tried to evade justice. They preferred to fight from a distance, so I arranged to be by their side at all times. This discomforted them greatly for the few seconds left of their warped existence. The others handily swept up the other creatures that swarmed up from below and we moved on.

The way was quite rough, so it took us a bit of surveying to find a good approach path. En route, we spotted a patrol of giants heading our way. We prepared a hidden ambush for them, but it didn’t go off quite as we hoped because the patrol vanguard was the high jumping Firbolg. They bounded from peak to peak and one tumbled to our ambush before the bulk of their party was in striking distance.

Firbolg presented no significant challenge, but the corrupted undead that followed them, and the raging bear shaman Firbolg at the back were more formidable. Their combined ferocity caused me a non-trivial amount of pain before Oli and Kong Meng healed my injuries. We beat them down and permitted none to escape to bring back word of our approach.

- Deacon Novius Carnifex Vergilius



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