Cogs from Heaven

Captain Keffin, Lirra, and Raiden came out of the elevator that we were waiting on to go up. They had encountered some large demons on their way down and had come to bring Kong Meng up into the Raiden’s Pagoda. Several of them had gotten onto the elevator when the whole crag shook and the shaft began to tip alarmingly. Gareth cut the counterweight line and they shot up. Leaving myself, Oli, Guan Yu, Lirra, and Raiden to make our own way.

The Crag proved full of both Craggen and demona. We cut our way through the demons as we worked our way over to the docks to arrange a pickup. En route, we stumbled across an area which had taken enough damage to be open to the roiling storm below. Within it two Marilith, and The Chain Breaking Balor, were awaiting us. I informed the Balor that it would not escape me this time.

The battle was a brutal one. Lirra was nearly cut down by a Marilith, who Kong Meng promptly swatted off the platform. The next one caused a modest amount of grief before I cut to ribbons in a flurry of slashing attacks. Our focus on the Balor was slightly interrupted by the return of the first Marilith, but Lirra finished it off. Kong Meng’s axe cut the Balor down and the energies released thereby savaged us all.

Climbing up over the edge of the Crag involved some more demon slaughter as Oli healed us up while diverting some of Guan Yu’s abundant life energy to power the process. At the top we looked down to see a roiling storm rising towards us. Before it arrived, a Golden Mote of Light flitted down from the sky and greeted me. It was an Angel of Hestavar which had been sent with a message.

Apparently whoever gave it the orders was less than fully informed, for it had been sent to give me an upgrade for Erathis’ Clockwork Demand and to call me to Hestavar to help repel an invasion of demons, for they were besieged. The others did not react warmly to the idea, for we faced our own siege of demons. I explained that it had been made abundantly clear to me that my posting was the Abyss. It agreed with that, for the Angels of Hestavar do not fight in the Abyss, that is why it is my job. I informed it that I had had a divine vision of the Storm Avatar who was rising from below and it was clearly my next foe. As we talked, the warriors of Kord, and Dragons of Bahamut arrived most fortuitously to help push back the demons who had begun to overwhelm the Oathsworn and our allies. The Angel was still confused as to how to resolve its orders.

In the process of our discussion, it revealed that Hestavar could probably handle their siege for a while without me, but they wanted me because of my particular skills, my weapon, and my experience. Given that information, I encouraged it to deliver the upgrade, which had apparently been designed specifically for me, and I would go to Hestavar to help after the Avatars had been destroyed. It happily agreed.

Oli guided me through the process which increased the power of the blade, and further allowed its potency to be shared with allies when they too assaulted my chosen foe. The Angel fled and a gargantuan living Storm whirled up from the depths to assault us. The others appear to be underwhelmed by the contributions from Hestavar to our struggle. As Raiden pointed out, though the others send armies now, I have been working here for years against these enemies. I may only be one man with a sword, but it is a singularly well designed sword for this task, and I am a singularly determined man.

- Deacon Novius Carnifex Vergilius



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