Council of War

We met in council with our allies, Dwarves, Gnomes, Elves, Eladrin, Shadar-Kai, Craggen, Orcs, and Goblins. At the Emperor’s behest, I brought them into our circle of secrecy regarding our coming doom at the hands of forces of apocalypse who work to free the mad god imprisoned within our world.

After they absorbed the issues before us, Kong Meng laid out our basic plans to have our civilian population flee from our Abyssal home to another world, one which the Raven Queen will select for us.

Commodore Shale was elevated to the rank of General, and will lead the exodus of our people.

Additional reports were made for us by various factions who need help to deal with challenges which have arisen.

The Dwarves reported that the deep guard have been betrayed from within. Some among them had planted charges along carefully chosen fault lines, chosen so as to explode out the heart of the deep guard of Kar Kanazan and drop it into the Maelstrom. This is a grave loss. To assist in holding back the creatures of the Maelstrom, we will send Imperrial troops of the Oathsworn who are familiar with close quarters urban combat. To assist in sussing out any remaining taint or corruption, we will ask Captain Keffin to investigate.

The Elves reported that the Maelstrom has manifested in the Feywild. This has disturbed the Fomorians, and their movements now endanger our grain harvesting operations. We will lend them troops to assist in the evacuation of our harvesting operation. I and some others may also personally make raids against the Formorians, for there may yet be elves who can be freed, and their wealth of residuum could be highly beneficial to our exodus operation. Similarly, through Mirage, any dragons who wished to ally with us had been invited to come and negotiate with us.

Baroness Castica reported that troop recruitment had been going well, but there was a significant shortfall in capable trainers to cope with the giants and maelstrom creatures that we face. Captain Hibernius will make constructs that mimic our enemies so that our troops can be adequately trained against our foes. Others who can be spared from other efforts will also assist in training when possible.

Oli agreed to the Emperor’s request to head up the magical and engineering challenge of making the Exodus possible.

Commander Reale brought up a contentious suggestion that the Devils worshipped by our infernalist citizens of Lumeria may have common cause with us against the forces of chaos. We agreed that no alliance or bargain would be sought. We would simply inform them of the situation to the best of our knowledge and allow them the opportunity to send forces to fight the demona and thrymspaker servants. With a variety of caveats regarding this not constituting any grounds for them to interfere with us in any way shape or form.

The Gnomes reported that they were completing their complete abandonment of the GIPTA homeland and were integrating their industrial and military capabilities with the Oathsworn.

The Shadar Kai reported that they were in the process of sending their fleet, along with ten thousand capable warriors, to join us on the battle line.

The Orcs reported that the depredations of the giant were driving them from their mountain homelands, and so they too would join us. Their price being that we allow their women, children, and blind old men to join the Exodus, and to burn the bodies of their fallen warriors as is right and proper. We’ve certainly had allies who are far more difficult to work with.

The goblins complained about their lodgings outside the dome of Vergence. We didn’t really have a good solution for that.

The Craggen reported that the Crag was being readied as the vanguard point of the battle against the forces of the mad god.

The Emperor informed us that he would not be leaving with the Exodus, but would instead be staying behind to lead our forces as best we can against whatever is loosed.

I confirmed that my posting is here, in the Abyss fighting against the ultimate enemy of the gods, and as such I would work with Hewalna to establish a proper shrine for Erathis in the Crag.

- Deacon Novius Carnifex Vergilius



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