Demon Haunted Crag

Our days of demon baiting came to an end when the Last Chain broke. Since then we tracked demon packs and kept Command up to date on their movements. Then Kong Meng kicked off his latest crazy plan to summon avatars of Tharizun into the Crag. We moved into position overhead and waited.
Based on the swarms of demons which were soon overrunning the Crag, his summoning was quite successful. We had a lively few minutes pot shotting demons until the call came in from Kong Meng over the stone.

His thrice damned Kodanian inscrutableness wanted to get up top into the Pagoda to direct the fight. If he’d bothered to mention that this morning during the planning session I would have attuned him to the Shadow Box and we’d have been all set. So much for doing things the easy way. Raiden and Lirra agreed to accompany me on a way clearing mission down into the Crag. We cleared a few demons and jumped down to the deepest balcony we could see. Then I opened the Shadow Box and called Guan Yu to join the fray.

A pack of demons assaulted us, including a a flock of Vrocks, a Hezrou and a Guerristro. The others made fairly short work of the former demons while I shut down the Guerristro until the others were ready to finish it off. Though it was intimidatingly huge and fierce, its puny angry mind was no match for my intellect.

After descending in the elevator for a minute, we drew the attention of yet another flock of Vrocks along with a few other flying demons. Our fight with them drew the attention of not one, but two Glabrezu. That battle was quite a bit more challenging. Towards the end the last Glabrezu batted Raiden down the elevator shaft and we feared him lost. Guan Yu fell after him, leaving me to face the crazed Glabrezu and Vrock flock with Lirra as a highly distant backup. So I set the demons against each other and let their natural tendencies do the work for me. The Vrocks tore apart the Glabrezu and hurtled down the shaft tearing it to bits. Raiden was saved by some divine force, probably Kord, and they rejoined us as I repaired the elevator to complete our descent.

We found Kong Meng and the others and prepared to return to the Pagoda.

- Captain Keffin Balnor



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