Lord Shaes

Our search of the complex found it to be an ancient and long abandoned facility. Designed to imprison vampires. Though not just any vampires. Two rather unusually powerful and ancient vampires, along with a few of their servants.

Extraordinarily powerful wards had been placed to prevent any vampires who escaped their cells from escaping the complex. Tragically, these wards also destroyed any spirits who crossed them. As the way out was beyond the wards, the spirits were wandering into the wards to their dissolution. Oli determined that the wards were tied to the existence of something within the complex.

We assumed that the sealed vault, and its magical wards against the undead, held the target of the other wards which blocked the new Path of the Dead. Oli put up a circle against undead to prevent any more spirits from being destroyed by the wards, then we prepared to deal with whatever lay beyond the door of the Vault.

Oli unlocked the Vault to reveal a heavily armored figure who said something in a language we didn’t understand. Oli eventually figured out how to communicate with it, but was relatively neglectful in translating the conversation. Apparently it offered some sort of deal whereby we could leave and it wouldn’t kill us. Oli didn’t accept the deal and, in its arrogance, it did not regard us as a significant threat. Apparently the servants of the Raven Queen had been unable to defeat us, and so imprisoned it.

Negotiations collapsed and it attacked us. Guan Yu gave him a swift taste of the unexpected level of challenge we presented by catching Shaes initial charge on his halberd and knocking him to the dusty floor. Then another form, an eerily beautiful woman, rose from the sarcophagus and clouded our minds making it difficult for us to maneuver. She also did something designed to suppress the innate abilities of her foe, in this case she made the tactical mistake of choosing to use this power on myself. My training allowed me to cast her power off. Then by the glory of Erathis I was moved next to her, smote her, and then cast her down at Guan Yu’s feet with the burning light of purity seeping from her wounds. We made swift work of her, much to the chagrin of Shaes.

Shaes proved exceptionally tough, and it took us quite a while to bring him down. In the end, he turned to mist and fled. I pursued him, and lit up the Candle which Captain Keffin had made for me. Its light returned him to solid form. We then made swift work of him.

With his passing, the destructive wards went down. Oli broke her circle, and the spirits of the dead were now free to proceed up the stairs on the new Path of the Dead.

- Deacon Novius Carnifex Vergilius



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