Punishing the Thrymspaker

Our progress across the motelet was interrupted by a posting of undead giants guarding bridge over an ice causeway which led to the least guarded approach. We came at them from both sides, but the timing was slightly off and Gareth was slightly overbold. The latter took a significant beating as they were reinforced by a huge dracolich. The dracolich’s dreadful aura gave us a moment of pause, but it wasn’t so hard for us to burn down the giants and converge our collective wrath upon the Dracolich. It was summarily dispatched, but its essence fled to the citadel.

Our stealthy journey to the citadel was uninterrupted. A patrol seemed to spy us as we entered an immense staircase, but they chose not to move to engage us. At the top we found an immense icy throne room. The Thrymspaker sat upon the throne, illuminated by the many colored spark from his maelstrom hammer. He bade us to come closer and taunted us with our doom. he knew his purpose well, to break the chain and free the Mad god. Though he expected to lead a great slaughter by its side, not to become the food of alien creatures from beyond our dimension. Oli explained the ultimate fate that those behind the Mad god had for him. Perhaps he believed us at the end, though he resignedly prepared to do battle with us regardless. He no longer had any choice in his actions.

The fight was a long and brutal one. He controlled icy winds to fling us hither and yon. His hammer retaliated against our every attack with a will of its own. Every time I brought radiant fire down to slash through his enormous heretical body, he swatted me across the ice. In the end, we orchestrated ourselves so that Rampart pushed him into us and Kong Meng exhorted us all to strike while Gareth drew his soul into the adamantine canopic jar.

The jar hummed and vibrated alarmingly. Gareth could sense that though it was trapped, it was calling to its kind for aid. Kong Meng walled off the entry and we spent a few minutes frantically scooping up the treasure behind the throne to fund the exodus. When Kong Meng’s icy wall was finally beaten down by a horde of giants, he used the Ring of Retreat to bring us all back to Vergence.

A storm rose on the horizon as we reported our success to command. Now all we need to do is find safe storage for the accursed jar.

-Deacon Novius Carnifex Vergilius



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