Slashing the Storm

The cyclone blasted us continually with bolts of lightning and peals of thunder. It was accompanied by two smaller storm elementals which did likewise. At Guan Yu’s behest, I focused on one of the smaller storms first and it was soon dispersed. Then Raiden use some kind of dueling circle power to isolate the other one with himself and Guan Yu.

Oli and I shifted to confront the Avatar, as Lirra shifted backward and pelted it. It took a while to wear it down, but eventually we cut away enough of it to reveal an inner mote of malformed rock which harbored its essence. Once the other elemental was destroyed, Guan Yu lept over and smashed it to bits. Some residue fell down into the maelstrom and it being to roil.

The surging maelstrom gradually transformed from its elemental chaos to become an everchanging sea of greenish flesh and forms. A tower of it formed and then split, one half heading to the battle of the giant shapes on the horizon, the other to Vergence.

Oli linked up with Keffin to work on transporting the City, while the rest of us stayed to clear up the remaining hordes of demons on the Crag. Eventually we beheld an immense beam of light descending from on high. Over the speaking stones we got a report that Oli, Keffin, and the engineering team had successfully transported Vergence to Starfall Lake.

Once we had the demon horde largely under control, or significantly distracted by the new incursion of aberrations from below, we had a little respite and returned to Vergence. Once there, we found that the new sea of aberrations below us was too full of weird things to distinguish the last Avatar. Fortunately, old Captain Hibernius had been studying this problem for several days and had developed a scheme to find it. He determined that it was rising through the hole in the bottom of Starfall Lake. So we set out to intercept it.

- Deacon Novius Carnifex Vergilius



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