The Sorcerer

Kong Meng’s research led him to believe that a general summoning ritual could call The Sorcerer if powder from the urn was used to draw the summoning circle. On further reflection, we decided that we should do such a thing only within a secure and well warded place. We also considered that the other Avatars might be attracted to the same place, so it should be fortified and far from civilization. The Crag fit all of those criteria.

After preparing the necessary ingredients we proceeded to the Crag and stated our case to the Warlords. In addition to the honor of being the site of the destruction of one of the Mad God’s avatars, we also invited them to select one of their heroes, suitably durable, to stand with us against the Sorcerer. They selected Secherheight, a large Craggen master of the flail. Then we were led to a tomb holy to Bane which was suitably reinforced. While we prepared the area, the evacuation of the Crageen Hareem (women and children) was accelerated to get them out of the Crag.

It took a few hours to ward the entire area and prepare the circle. Kong Meng prepared it all, then withdrew outside the heavily reinforced door to be the one who would let us out when the deed was done. We prepared ourselves, then Oli completed the final elements of the ritual.

A bizarre multidimensional hole opened up where the circle had been drawn and we were all filled with dreadful anticipation of tis arrival, for our invitation had been accepted. It emerged in a swirling vortex of all elements and coalesced into the form of a huge old man wreathed in flames. As it strained against the bonds of the circle, it regarded Gareth and taunted him for his role as a Thrymspaker. Gareth made it clear that he had been tricked and had a change of heart since then. It then gathered its power and burst forth.

The Sorcerer was somehow able to manifest himself three times over, with two exact copies of himself spread throughout the room. Each radiated heat with a burning intensity and was accompanied by a small flying elemental mote shot through with fire and lightning. As we fought them, we found that its real location among the three was indeterminate. At times we would strike it and find we had destroyed an image, other blows struck true and damaged the Sorcerer. Every few seconds it would restore the lost images and the process of elimination began again anew. Finally, after we had destroyed the two images, Oli appeared behind him and struck him down with a many colored explosion. Kong Meng led the beat down upon him, I followed through with many strikes to reduce him to the edge of existence. Then Secherheight leapt forward and dealt the final blow. As he shimmered into an exploding vortex he mocked us, saying that his brother the Storm was coming to destroy us all.

When Kong Meng let us out, we heard the sounds of combat and saw the corpses of demons who were striving to overrun the Crag. We headed upwards to get more information about the nature of the struggle.

- Deacon Novius Carnifex Vergilius



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