• Argus Arigulus VII

    Argus Arigulus VII

    The elder brother to Marcus, considered the pretender to the throne at worst, and under the thrall of Smyrgway at best.
  • Aria Arigulus

    Aria Arigulus

    Marcus's eldest sister, missing and considered killed at the fall of Vigil.
  • Baroness Frangelica Castica

    Baroness Frangelica Castica

    A survivor of Vigil, a beautiful middle-aged schemer, manipulator, and unquestioned loyalist to Marcus III.
  • Cassandria Arigulus

    Cassandria Arigulus

    Younger sibling of Marcus, Ria until recently studied warding magics at the GIPTA, and has a strong head for arcane and technological techniques.
  • Commander Andre Reale

    Commander Andre Reale

    Southern bureaucrat turned combat commander CO of Vergence
  • Commander Elias Wrenn

    Commander Elias Wrenn

    Dutiful CO of Bastion, rightfully concerned for the fate of humanity, but often at the expense of other races.
  • Commodore Weston Shale

    Commodore Weston Shale

    A one-armed Oathsworn survivor of Vigil, Marcus III's former CO and now his trusted XO.
  • Dreg Kagath

    Dreg Kagath

    Aspiring dwarven merchant who made his first fortune helping the future emperor.
  • Empress Aria III (Late)

    Empress Aria III (Late)

    The late Empress that fell at Vigil in single combat with Redspear, mother to Aria, Argus, Marcus (III), and Cassandria.
  • Esteban Neveria Castica

    Esteban Neveria Castica

    Son of Baroness Castica and now husband to the (former) dowager Baroness Neveria.
  • Gericscht Sie Torog

    Gericscht Sie Torog

    Craggen High Techpriest of Torog, and by all accounts architect of the invasion.
  • Laurelia Castica Arigulus

    Laurelia Castica Arigulus

    Survivor of Vigil, daughter to Baroness Castica, and now wife and consort to Marcus III
  • Lieutenant Emelia Vale

    Lieutenant Emelia Vale

    Left her left eye in Vigil as a Sergeant, the officer that pulled Marcus off the walls at Vigil.
  • Quartermaster Infierna

    Quartermaster Infierna

    Survivor of Vigil, Quartermaster General to the Oathsworn, a shrouded tiefling with strong loyalty to Aria III and now Marcus III
  • Rote Sie Stang

    Rote Sie Stang

    Red Spear, the Infantry Warlord of the Craggen, slayer of the late Empress Aria III, and rider of the red dragon Flail.