A Warforged Juggernaut of a bygone age, refusing any personal designation or luxury.


Player: Alex

Race: Warforged
Class: Warden
Paragon Path: Warforged Juggernaut


Noname’s true origins are unknown, even to him, for lack of a better term, though he remembers one vague purpose that drives him.

Noname is a war machine whose purpose in life is to replace the living human soldier on the battlefield and to save as many lives as possible.

Sometime in Noname’s previous life, he was discarded in a long forgotten island of ruins. There he waited for an indeterminate amount of years until his own memory banks started to fade. The ruins were the site of a great library, full of civilizations’ worth of lost texts and treasures. For many, many years, Noname did nothing but read books, absorbing knowledge from martial scripts, historical counts, scientific texts, and even works of fiction. His logic that every bit of information represented a new perspective and could, in some way, improve his efficiency as a war machine.

Ages passed, and eventually the island was discovered by scavengers. Noname was recruited onto the the crew of Orien Blaine, a grizzled old sky pirate. Once again, he had a purpose, serving the Captain Orien and his crew. Though the captain tried to draw out a sense of personality from the warforged, Noname was insistent that he was a soulless machine, and that any resemblance to actual personality or emotion was merely a product of his artificial intelligence designed to help him to better interface with living creatures.

Eventually, Orien grew old and retired, but not before giving Noname one last order. Orien forbade Noname from taking any permanent master, as a way to keep any future “employers” from abusing Noname’s self-worth issues. It was Orien who gave him the moniker “Noname” along with a silver nameplate reading “Hello! My name is Noname.”

Noname eventually took a mercenary job with the Oathsworn, keeping a permanent tab for his services. When Vergence fell, Noname accepted that he could and would not be paid eventually, but that hasn’t stopped him from keeping accurate financial records for his tab.

Noname’s companions are insistent that the warforged has a soul like any other humanoid, but Noname remains insistent. Is is unclear what should ever happen if Noname the warforged juggernaut learn that he has a soul and as much worth as any of the humanoids he’s determined to save and replace on the battlefield. One thing for sure is that his worldview will be shattered and changed forever.


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