Power Tools

Random implements found at the Maelstrom research facility.


Storm-Runed Buzz Saw:
Axe (exotic), 2H, brutal 2
Enhancement Bonus: +3
Melee 1, +2 proficiency, 2d10 dmg, crit on 19 or 20, crit +3d10
Special: Demons and Elementals are vulnerable 5 to this weapon

Welding Torch:
Enhancement bonus +3
Melee 1, Dex or Cha + vs. Reflex, 2d10 + Dex or Cha fire damage, ongoing 5 fire.
Encounter: Close Blast 3, 1d10 + Dex or Cha fire damage, ongoing 10 fire.

Tesla Coil:
Can be used as a Rod or Wand Implement, or a ranged weapon.
Enhancement Bonus: +3
Crit: Target is Stunned (save ends)
Proficiency +2 ranged attacks
Ranged 5/10, Dex or Int vs. Fort, + 1d10 lightning damage. Secondary attack: vs. Will, target is dazed (save ends)

Rivet Gun:
Enhancement Bonus: +3
Proficiency +2
Ranged 5/10, Dex or Int vs. Fort, 1d10 + Dex or Int damage + 1d6 fire damage, Secondary attack vs. Fort: the target is immobilized (save ends).

Supernal Flare:
This item shines bright light in a radius 2. Any creature of the Maelstrom starting their turn within this light takes 1d10 radiant damage, and is subject to a secondary atttack: +13 vs. Fort, Hit: the target is blinded (save ends).

Consumable, Minor action.
Spend a healing surge, regain 25 hp. Can only use while bloodied.

Storm Prophylaxis:
Counsumable, Minor action.
Gain immunity to contracting Maelstrom-born disease for 1/2 hour.


Power Tools

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