Estonia: The easternmost barony, considered slightly backwater by the other nobility, but one of the most secure due to their trade with the dwarves and the foothills. Recent friction has arisen as they have started displaying reluctance to sell their food stockpiles, while Dwarves are pressuring them to sell at previous contract prices. Also known for exporting precious metals and small amounts of hardwood used by Neverian craftsmen. Baron Claudio Estonia II known as particularly ruthless toward his serfs. They have had problems with the orcs in the past, especially the Lurgen Yurgen tribe.

-Esterdrop: the Easternmost point of the Empire, a minor trade port and waystation, but also has a good relationship with the GIPTA and Khazad Gathol.

Fin Linare Trade town that leads down into Estonia from the dwarven holds. Small town with a large (and now empty) trade house; many merchants have stopped coming. Word of wolves and orcs has closed roads, and any ships have long left the area, as well as trade with the dwarves and Estonia coming to a halt.

Neveria: Famous for their artisans, especially swordmakers, woodworkers, tailors, and jewelers. Neverian Porcelain, made from clay found deep beneath the surface of Fallen Star Lake, is highly prized across the continent. The artisans specialize in hand-crafted, unique items, never mass-produced. Baroness Homily Neveria is old and shrewd, she has geared their economy in the right direction for war, but lacks a standing army. Baroness Castica’s carriage was built here by Esquire Mechanical, whom also builds custom airships…

Castica: The barony considered by many (though not admitted) to currently be in ascendancy. Baroness Frangelica has taken her house in new, shrewd, and disturbing directions since the sudden invasion, and stands to come out on top of the other houses, if she can find some way of keeping the Craggen at bay. She exemplifies the maxim of being generous when it doesn’t matter and ruthless when it does.

Vastia: Once one the largest of the baronies, known for its wide rolling hills and fields, this land has been slowly piecemealed away a few acres at a time by its more politically savvy neighbors. Thus, the current Smyrgway line has seized the opportunities afforded by recent tragedy to improve their station. Currently the human land most untouched by tragedy. Baron Smyrgway Vastia III has thrown his support behind prince “Argus VII”

Smyrgway I – Dead
Smyrgway II – Alive and a bastard, but semi-retired. Dislikes Craggen presence.
Smyrgway III – Alive and a bastard. Most active politically. Believes he is savvy enough to navigate the Craggen politically.
Smyrgway IV – Alive and a bastard. Shiftless young drunk, also violent.

Vastian Merchant Marine Fleet:

Vault of Vastia: Flagship, double-hulled, two grand ballistae, several smaller weapons. Gold trim normally reserved for emperors.
Destroyers: Armored mid-sized ships with assorted weapons, including catapults. Roughly a dozen of varying sizes. Two double-keels each mounting long ballistae, though not as good as Grand.
Not quite two dozen converted merchant ships.

Lumeria: Baron Lumiere Lumeria IX, slighty senile and insular, suffering from late syphilis, has closed the borders. Turned to Devil worship several decades ago, deals which have now been called to collect at the worst possible time, forcing him to drag others down with him. Several of his devil allies are “assimilated,” or living as legal citizens.

Bella Locale: A resort town on the Southern coast of Fallen Star lake, the town is an expensive boardwalk sporting the last known beachfront property in the world. Great pains have been taken to keep the white sands and blue waters pristine for the pleasure of the visiting upper classes, the wealthiest of which (including the Barons) keep lakeside townhouses here.
-Recently: the cataclysmic events have caused the lake to all but drain, leaving rotting mud flats, dead fish, and beached sailboats for dozens of miles.

The Divine Vineyard: the primary temple of Erathis, located on the Northern coast of Fallen Star Lake, the faithful here tend to extensive vineyards for both religious and secular consuption, both making money and contending that controlled fermentation was one of the first signs of civilization.


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