The Craggen are a fierce, violent, and militaristic society, valuing power through conquest and strength, per the dictates of their patron god, Bane. All follow a strict hierarchy, with the strongest holding rank in their vast legions. Those that are victorious have proven themselves worthy of rule. Those that have lost are only worthy of subservience; those that surrender of slavery.

All of the Craggen culture focuses on military strength and conquest; all other concerns are either secondary, or considered specifically with regard to a military context. Females, once as formidable and warlike as the males, are now recently regarded as chattel at best and cattle at worst, and are forced to procreate as much as possible to raise the next generation of soldiers. The exceptions to this are found primarily in the cult of Torog.

The Craggen tolerate the worship of few gods beyond the state religion of Bane, whom they believe epitomizes their lifestyle. The one exception to this seems to be the cult of Torog, led by the Augren Seers under Gericscht, whom specifically organize and handle all slaves and slave labor for the legions. Some lip service is given to Kord, Tiamat, Malgubliyet, and Gruumsh, especially amongst the more trusted slave combatants, though little favor is found there.

The Craggen legions are made of exclusively of hobgoblins, though their auxiliaries are nearly as diverse as the Oathsworn. The most common of their slaves are goblins, whom are used as quick shock troops to soften up and distract enemy forces, and make up the bulk of their engineer corps. Included in their more specialized forces are bugbears, orcs, ogres, giants, and many others, including the occasional member of one of the Genesis races, all captured and enslaved by the Craggen. In addition, they also favor a diversity of support, and train as many dangerous species of animal as possible, everything from dogs and hawks to dragons (the latter of whom are not trained so much as well-compensated), and will co-opt any automaton or summonable creature they can to add a nasty surprise for their foes.

The Balance of Conquest: Espoused by the Craggen church of Bane, the Scales teach a warrior how best to succeed, balancing different virtues to maintain consistent victory over one’s foes.

The Scales of Might: The Gauntlet and the Banner
Strength vs. Valor: A warrior must have equal measures of physical prowess and courage to succeed. Too little of one or the other breeds defeat.

The Scales of Law: The Rod and Lash
Dominance vs. Hierarchy: Warleaders must be obeyed for success; however, weak or foolish commanders must be replaced through challenge.

The Scales of Victory: The Sword and Cloak
Honor vs. Cunning: There is Glory in winning a fair fight, but not in losing one. Do what must be done to succeed.

The Reprieve of Three: Should a Craggen officer observe a particularly impressive display of one or more of the Scales from his enemy, he may, at his option, if he is particularly devout, offer the enemy one to three days of truce. An enemy commander can also win this by fighting in single combat to the death. Even if she loses, if she fought bravely in the face of a clearly superior foe, that foe may still grant the reprieve to her surviving forces. This fact was discovered by the remaining Oathsworn command staff upon the Empress’s death.


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