Midway down the coastline, the Karad River spreads out into a rocky delta, where the experimental and highly competitive Gnomish Incorporations for Promoting Technological Advancement (GIPTA) of Watercog, Waterwheel, Millville, Sprocket City, and Boomtown sprawl across the canals. A haphazard marvel of gnomish experimental design, the entire conglomerate city uses the force of the flowing river delta to generate power, giving much of the canal city powered automation, including the lights, factories, forges, and public transportation.

Dodecagon Hub: Seat of the GIPTA Executive Board of Directors, Administration, and arbitration. Also headquarters of the GIPTA Reactivly Assessed Threat Squads, or RATS.

1. Shock Docks: Coastal, electricity, power generation, and weather. Several “Tesla” cannon costal defensive emplacements. Kites of all shapes and sizes for decoration and air traffic control along coast.
2. Shipwright’s Way: Airships and steam engines. Primary docks for airships. Good mid-level inns, some cater to big folk. Brass Pinnacle is the best inn and dock for high-default ships and zeppelins – clockwork space needle
3. Watercog- Urban Planning and design, building construction and demolition. Mid-range apartments, a lot of efficiencies. Northern, wheels are numerous and small, lots of generators.
4. Waterwheel- Agricultural and Life Sciences, and Diplomacy. Nicer, quiet housing.
5. Millville- Parts, including metallurgy, mining, forging, stamping, and milling, arcane components, refining alchemical reagents. Very noisy, lots of moving parts throughout the streets and buildings.
6. Sprocket City- Clockwork automation, especially difference engines and automata, including arcane automata.
7. Boomtown- Development of explosives, combustibles, and demolitions. Kept separate from the rest of the Incorporations by high, shock-absorbing walls. Cheapest inns and apartments are here.
8. Unspoken- Deals with the Maelstrom and its creatures and influences. Considered suspect by other districts. No inns or housing here, high security. Most above buildings either research arcane magic and history, a few large buildings work to inscribe hulls for ships.
9. Temple Falls- Religion and Astronomy/Astrology. Most expensive housing, no inns.
10. Tally Road: Merchants and economists, also run the River Rail. Best inns are here, including those catering to beings larger than dwarves.
11. Redoubt Towers: Arms and Armaments, R & D for new innovations.
12. Annex: Overflow labs and warehouses, rented out to the other districts. Lots of lower housing.

Board of Directors – Grip Quanta. Stylus Verbatim – Uncle of Sira. Frock Lockspur


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