Note: as the setting is newly spun whole cloth, no player is excepted to make up answers on their own. Soliciting DM input not only will be encouraged, but necessary.

As in the Colonial game and Exalted, certain parameters must be met to help ensure party cohesiveness. Mainly, all PC’s should be either human Oathsworn or have very strong human/Oathsworn sympathies, or at the absolute, very least, recognize the dire importance of allying with them for survival. To ensure party participation, each character concept should also be able to reasonably follow lawful orders in a military setting (though they certainly don’t have to like them, and should say as much). The DM may have feedback on a given concept to help it mesh from the start.

As the game begins, the PC’s will be part of a small group of survivors, fleeing the encroaching armada, as the last human empire burns behind them. They will not only be responsible for their own lives, but eventually also those of friends, loved ones, comrades, and many, many total strangers forced to flee as refugees.

Each question is worth 100 bonus player xp, putting starting characters well into 2nd level upon its completion.

1. Name, General Concept or Role Race, Gender, Age, Appearance, average outfit and equipment. Picture of actor cast (link or printout). Finished Character Sheet.


2. (Humans): Are you a hardy, stoic Northerner? Are you a commoner or noble-born? Or a cultured, educated Southern Lord? Or a Southern peasant rube? Perhaps you’ve travelled enough to not bear either identity?

2. (All others): From where do you originally hail? Do your people have a known homeland to call their own? If so, why did you leave? What brought you to the human lands? Why do you stay with them, even now?

3. Soldier, Mercenary, or Civilian Conscript? Are you a sworn military officer or enlisted? Or perhaps a mercenary? What drove you to join up? Or are you simply a civilian, recruited for duty for the in-demand skill set which you possess?

4. Is your previous home untouched, under siege, or fully occupied and ravaged by war?

5. Who are your family? Your good friends? Significant other(s)? Enemies, even? Where are they? Are they living, long dead, recently killed, captured, or missing and presumed? If alive, are they with you now? (Make sure to consider other PC’s in your answer, try to include at least one PC connection and two NPC ones.)

Personality (see PHB p. 23):

6. Social Interactions:

How do others perceive you in social interactions?

How optimistic are you?

How trusting are you?

7. Decision Points:

How assertive are you at a decision point?

How conscientious are you about following rules?

How empathetic are you?

8. Dire Straits:

How courageous are you in dire straits?

How do you feel when faced by setbacks?

How are your nerves?

9. Describe your ideal mate, and whether or not you consciously know it.

10. Besides fighting for survival, what would you most rather be doing for the rest of your life? Do you have an apparent destiny of which you are unaware?


11. Faith: Which gods, if any, do you worship? Are you devout? Do you pay the gods lip service, ignore them completely, or curse them for your misfortunes? Why?

12. Military Vs. Civilians: What is your opinion of the Military? Should those that serve receive special status or privileges? Why? What of those that cannot or do not fight? Do they owe the military their existence, and thus obedience? Or should the military answer to the civilian population, as a tool of a civilian government? Why?

13. Magic vs. Technology: Arcane magic practicioners destroyed the world, or so common thought would have it. How closely do you agree with this, and to what lengths would you go to prevent arcane practicioners from coming to power again? How impressed are you with the new methods of Scientific advancement? Or are they just as bad, if not worse?

14. Prejudices: What races, creeds, or social classes do you hate, distain, or simply not trust? Why? Is it due to personal experience, or simply learned through common thought? (Note: obviously evil groups, such as demon cults, the dead, etc., are not the focus of this question).

The Rorschach Question:

15. Survival: What would you not do to survive? Why?


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