While Vigil was the military and political capital of the Empire, Vergence was the economic and commercial one. At one point, Vergence boasted a city of nearly half a million people, rivaling the GIPTA in manufacturing and Promontory Point in trade.

The Bulwark: An incredibly large, mile-wide stone circular fortress with a dome of brass, steel, and hardened glass, this marvel of modern engineering houses the markets, shops, administration, and wealthy housing of the city. Though hardened against the most brutal upwellings of the Maelstrom, the soaring, delicate-looking dome also allows a large amount of sunlight in, built to reflect it down to hit all corners of the city, and is lit with arc-lamps at night, glowing golden during the day and blue-white at night. Dome trolleys constantly hang from the brass superstructure, as the glass windows and lights require constant cleaning and maintenance from the various chimneys, ovens, and factories of the city, despite the efforts to circulate it out via other routes.

The surrounding stone and steel foundations house incredibly strong fortifications, run by dedicated Oathsworn officers and more mercenaries than have ever been assembled in one location.


The Imperial Road: This one artery of trade bisects the dome from Northwest to Southeast, becoming a grand boulevard of granite bricks, landscaped with large trees of a species said to predate the rise of the continents that are extinct anywhere else. The most exclusive shops and establishments all exist along its length, especially where it intersects in the middle with the Grand Boulevard, most known for its elite residences. The center roundabout holds the Lady’s Timepiece, a towering brass and steel fountain and waterclock dedicated to Erathis.

The four Districts:

Empress’ Quarter: North.

Also known as the Military District, this quarter houses the offices of the Oathsworn and their administrators, as well as barracks for the various mercenary companies that base in the city.

-Imperial Forum: a stadium capable of holding up to ten thousand spectators. While the foundations and seats are built of traditional solid rock, the upper bleachers and acoustical amplification systems are all later add-ons using state-of-the-art technology. Some of the barons have put forth proposals for updating the arena floor to be similar to the goblins’ Bloodspire Arena, though the Oathsworn have resisted as of yet. Used for sports, wargames, concerts, and feasts both public and private.

-The Arigulus Exhibition: A museum consisting of a central rotunda dedicated to the Imperial line, flanked by two larger wings. The East Wing holds public exhibits that shift at the whim of the curator, while the West Wing holds private offices and research facilities.

Merchant’s Quarter: South

The hub of trade within the city, all of the barons and successful merchants keep offices here. Also, most of the shops and warehouses of goods of all natures can be found here.

Imperial Mint: Only a small part being dedicated to the actual striking of coinage, the Mint is also the location of the investment markets and the offices of tax collectors and customs inspectors.

The Free Market: A large plaza adjacent to the Imperial Road, ringed by some of the most well-known (though not necessarily exclusive) shops

Silo Row: The warehouse district, housing not only many general goods of the city, but also surplus supplies in the event of a siege, many held in multi-level complexes beneath the surface.

-Artisan’s Quarter: West

Located downwind of the ventilation system

Shipyards: Offices and small fabrication on the surface, main dry docks below, opening onto the harbor.

Entertainer’s Quarter: East

Bulwark Tours: a recent Gnomish endeavor using special dome trolleys and even a micro-zeppelin.

The Labyrinth Garden: A fully cultivated miniature version of the Labyrinth Wood. Not a park so much as a dense botanical garden, complete with several plants not seen in this world for some time elsewhere. Has begun to become a bit overgrown.


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