The ancient world is no more, a mere legend lost beneath the Maelstrom over seven hundred years ago, during the sundering forces unleashed in the Arcana Wars. The remaining continents float amidst the great void of the sky. Thousands of feet above, the firmament shines cold and thin; thousands below, are the endless storms of the Boiling Seas, or Maelstrom, in the Dwarven parlance, a churning infinity of roiling clouds, lightning, and madness. Airships ply the skyways exploring, trading, and making war, while the races of the world continue to adapt their ways to the new world.

Now, even as the ashes of Vigil cool from the onslaught of the Craggen Armada, a new emperor rallies the Oathsworn at the depopulated trade metropolis of Vergence, even as new, even worse threats than the Craggen make themselves known…

Room 101 Productions

Proudly Presents:


A dark, desperate, steam-driven race for survival set amidst a burning empire.

For use with Dungeons & Dragons v 4.101

This game has been running since December 2009; the characters are now 13th level, though I have only recently begun importing to OP.