Clearing the Path

The shortest path to Gerichst brought us to a long passage guarded by artillery and at least one Angel of Torog. Balin walled it up to protect our flank and we moved to take the longer route around, but one which Ella’s map indicated was composed of fewer long passage. The Craggen forces maneuvered around to intercept our new path, but the long transit for the other half of their forces gave us an advantage in picking apart the forces they had sent against our rearguard.

These forces were composed of Angels of Torog, phalanxes of grenadiers and artillery, a few stray crossbowmen, and another tech priest. The Angels of Torog attempted to cow us with howls of agony, but their pain proved no match for our divine wrath and we soon put them out of their misery. Raiden had some odd reluctance to fully engage them, perhaps it was the professional courtesy of an exarch. I had no such compunctions and discorporated them with abandon. Their tech priest’s tricks provided the usual level of irritation, but were insufficient to do more than delay the inevitable.

We turned the final corner and beheld our quarry, Gerichst. He proved to be a large and hideous abomination of warforged components encasing and replacing the now almost unrecognizable form of his craven slave master body. Gerichst continued spouting his genocidal mania against humanity as we expressed our disdain for his methods. When we reminded him of historical precedent for his religion failing when going against the will of a coalition of others, he blasphemed against his own god by claiming to have exceeded him. The Jailer’s unconscionable religious practices aside, I expect him to be highly intolerant of blatant apostasy from his high priest, for the caged prisoners stopped crying out and clutching at us at those words. I do not welcome assisting Torog in any way, but as it matches the just wrath of Erathis, I will cut down this vile heretic.

- Deacon Novius Carnifex Vergilius



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