Fog of War

Advance scouts warned us of the approach of the yellow smoke shrouded Craggen fleet. We had previously bargained with the twisted, but at least mostly human, Shadar Kai for advanced defensive technologies. These allowed us to enclose our own ships in obscuring fog while retaining the ability to do basic targeting as guided by their artificial minds which could perceive all objects out beyond the end of the obscuring fog. These, combined with new long range rocket enhanced ship killing missiles, allowed us to start the battle at a significant advantage of achieving a round of unanswered first strikes.

Many smaller attack craft were launched by the falling Craggen ships. For though they could not easily target in the fog, they chose to attempt battle rather than simply fall with their ships. Our ship soon came under attack by a team of jet boot and float harness equipped Craggen commandos and a rocket powered steam tank. These caused us some grief, largely due to their tendency to assault the lower ranking oathsworn who manned our ship weapons.

Sadly, at the end of the fight the steam tank slid off the ship, carrying Emperor Marcus off the ship. Fortunately he possessed enchantments which prevented him from falling to his death, but he was still lost to us when the next wave of attackers arrived.



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