Into the fire

Emperor Marcus and the others planned to intercept Red Spear’s force and defend Vergence. The Oathsworn acceded to my request to join the mission to destroy Gerichsht. I journeyed to Vergence and met up with what remains of Alpha team. I say what remains, for Kong Meng, a bizarrely transmogrified Kodanian, appears to be its only consistent member. We were joined by dwarven priest of Moradin {name missing from my notes -E}, which rounded our group out to Kong Meng, Noname (an immense warforged), Raiden the exarch of Kord, Thaiel Two Swords, and myself. An unusual, but I think effective team for the infiltration of the Crag.

Our partnership had a somewhat rocky start as Thaiel challenged me to a duel before uttering her second sentence. We agreed to settle things after the mission.

We discussed entry possibilities with Ella over a map that she had prepared. Our best possibility turned out to be an air drop onto a back entrance to the Torog compound. We engaged in some training while we waited. Then I took a few days break to visit with my family in Castica and to visit with the Baroness to help make sure everything was in good shape there after the end of the Vastian hostilities.

The signal of fleet movement at the Crag finally came, so we mobilized on the Stormcrow (a very unusual ship) and dropped into the heart of the Crag from several miles up.

- Deacon Novius Carnifex Vergilius



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