Terhali's Journal: The Red Scales or the Silver Eyes?

I have pondered the notion of reviving the Red Scales. My old guild stood for a removal of excess power of any kind. It was a noble goal, for a different time. I have realized that that time is over. The path of the Red Scales is no more, and the vision of the Fire-Eyed Man has passed with him when the knives of betrayal cut deep, and he died in a pool of his own blood. Instead, it seems time to do what I intended when I returned to the World from Gloomwraught: Rededicate myself to the path of the Goddess. This priesthood of Torog is an abomination on the World, and the Goddess has always fought for freedom from slavery. The ultimate consequence is a denial of the natural order of things.

I must pray on the consequences of this…. 



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