Felicity Fellowsworn

A deceptively deadly rogue, avenging her guild, and possibly of partial elven blood.


Player: Kathleen


Felicity never had a very stable home, not an uncommon reality among bastards. Her father, the second son of a southern baron, who remains one of Felicity’s steadfast supporters, offered her a home, though it was hardly one after he married. Her stays after were cursed by her two new step siblings who delighted in making her miserable and causing damage to her and her things, and her step mother who delighted when they did. In response to this she became increasingly skilled at hiding her possessions or locking them securely, setting traps for siblings that were trying to sneak into her room, and at dodging attacks and moving about the house undetected. Even with these skills she soon tired of dealing with her “home” situation. At first she left from time to time, returning to find that nothing had changed. Finally she gathered what little she had left and went to Vigil looking for work.

There she started running errands and doing odd jobs. Often sending her into the poorer parts of town she used her skills to avoid crooked deals, escape those trying to intercept her messages, and ensure her packages got home. In a number of weeks she caught the eye of local thieves guild who offered her the first real security she had been able to find. As a member she had a room that was really hers, fair wages and steady work. The other members did not go easy on Felicity, but instead pushed her to ensure her skills increased. Still, they were also very professional and as she was to be a comrade worked to build healthy and respectful relations. She made several real and close friends, mostly bastards like herself, whom she counted almost as siblings.

When her grandfather called for her from the family estate she went with the idea of returning home as soon as possible. He requested that she go to Vigil and be the face of the family in the army for a time, he didn’t want to risk anyone else. She agreed, as she was in Vigil anyway and any excuse not to be on the finally estate was a good one.

When she returned to Vigil she signed up under an alias and went back to life as usual, finally content that she had a home that welcomed her. Her friends in Vigil welcomed her with the biggest bash, “welcome home” or otherwise, she had had in her life.

When the Kraggen came and crushed Vigil she lost everything. Her only friends were gone, her only home was gone, her only livelihood was gone.

All she knew going forward was that they were going to pay.

Felicity Fellowsworn

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