Codex of Imperial Law

Heirloom of the Arigulus Dynasty and Holy Symbol of the True Emperor


The Codex of Imperial Law:

This large tome is bound in stainless steel, sporting the Imperial Winged Skull and Sword, chased in gold and platinum, on a thick steel chain, with a thick clasp whose lock takes no key. Instead, only the ordained Emperor may unlock, and in fact contribute to the book. The book has no one voice; rather, the remembered voices of dozens of Emperors and Empresses arise within the owner’s mind, supplying anecdotal knowledge, advice, and counsel, each of which have contributed their own thoughts, musings, and hard-earned lessons throughout the years. These are not ghosts, merely impressions and personalities contributed by the dozens of rulers through the past seven hundred years.

+3 Symbol of the Champion’s Code

Property: Gain a +2 to Diplomacy, History, and Religion checks.


Counsel the currently reigning Emperor or Empress in matters of Justice, Law, and Politics.
Ensure the perpetuation of Humanity, the Empire, and the Oathsworn.
Continually seek to improve upon the inherent Justice and pragmatism of its laws.

Starting Score: 5
-Owner gains a level: +1d10
-Owner passes a well-discerned judgment upon someone in concordance with the laws of the Codex. +1
-Owner contributes a deep personal insight to the book. +1
-Owner contributes a new just law, or improves upon an existing law. +1d4
-Owner breaks a law in the book without the justification of mercy or justified extenuating circumstance. -2d6

Pleased (16-20)

Truly, the Empire is in excellent hands.

The enhancement bonus increases to +4
Property: The skill bonuses provided by the Codex increase by 3 to a total of +5.

Power: Choir of Emperors
Daily * Divine, Implement, Radiant
Minor Action
Spend one or two healing surges.
Effect: Until the end of the encounter, you gain a +5 power bonus to Diplomacy and Intimidate and an Aura 3. For each healing surge spent, choose one effect:
-Allies within the aura gain Regeneration 5
-Enemies take 5 Radiant damage when they start their turn within the aura.

Satisfied (12-15)

Though you are young, your do your ancestors proud.

Property: Ranged attacks made using this implement do not provoke attacks of opportunity.
Property: You may read, write, and speak Supernal.

Normal (5-11)

Listen, my son, to the lessons we can teach you…

Unsatisfied (0-4)

So, where did the rumors say one could find one of your siblings?

Property: The bonuses to skills instead become penalties whenever you attempt an argument or course of action against the spirit or letter of the laws of the Codex. The book is not lenient in its interpretations at this point.


Codex of Imperial Law

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