Oathsworn Tattoos and Pauldrons


Rank Insignia Tattoo:

In addition to wearing their rank insignia on their clothing and armor, all Oathsworn are tattooed with a magical insignia on their chest, just above the heart, denoting their oath and devotion. This insignia not only helps identify them in death and serve as a reminder of their oath, but also gives a magical benefit as well. As each Oathsworn advances in rank, additional marking are added to the tattoo, denoting his promotion. Each tattoo denoting Sergeant rank acts as a +1 magic amulet, granting its bonus to Fort, Reflex, and Will Defenses. For each rank attained beyond Sergeant, the additional inscriptions add an additional +1, to a maximum of + 6 at the rank of General or Admiral.

Power: Daily, Immediate interrupt. Trigger: Character is targeted by an attack that targets Will and either deals psychic damage or causes any sort of mental influence that would cause the Oathsworn to violate the Oath of Exceptions.

Gain Resist 5 Psychic damage per tier and a +5 bonus to Will defense versus any compulsion effect that would cause the Oathsworn to unwillingly violate the Oath of Exceptions, as well as any saves to end such effects. These bonuses last until the end of the encounter.

+1: 5th lvl (Sergeant)
+2: 10th
+3: 15th
+4: 20th
+5: 25th
+6: 30th

The character may wear other amulets over the tattoo; receiving no benefit from the tattoo while wearing the other item.

Oathsworn’s Pauldrons

Level 6

The uniform of the oathsworn includes a long, dark grey, tailed and double-breasted coat, and is issued to all Oathsworn. The steel pauldrons inherent to the coat are engraved with the Oathsworn’s rank insignia, and share the potency of the oathsworn’s tattoos, and can be integrated into any armor.

These normally take up the neck item slot. Like the tattoo, a character can wear other neck slot items with it, simply gaining those benefits instead of that of the jacket. Special: A character with magical Rank insignia tattoos may benefit from both the tattoo and the pauldrons simultaneously, so long as they do not wear another neck slot item.

Item Slot: Neck

Power: (Encounter) Minor Action. Make a save vs. a condition that a save can end. Special: you gain a bonus to this save equal to the enhancement bonus of your rank insignia tattoo.


Oathsworn Tattoos and Pauldrons

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