Staff of Infinite Self

The personal talisman of the Heretic of the Revelation of Personal Divinity


This gnarled, worn staff was once the walking stick of a mad heretical prophet. Upon being bequeathed to Gareth the stableboy, it began to have powerful arcane and divine forces channeled through it. Upon a certain trigger, it began to amplify his newfound power to strange and potent effects.

+2 Staff of Ruin
Enhancement to Attack and Damage

-Property: Gain a +2 bonus to Arcana and Religion Checks, and a +2 bonus to Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate checks against beings with the Elemental Keyword, or when defending the Revelation of Personal Divinity.

-Property: Every time you reduce an enemy with the elemental, immortal, or dragon keyword to zero hit points with an attack using the staff, gain temporary hit points equal to half your level, and resist 5 to one resistance possessed by that enemy until the end of the encounter. This power may grant only one type of resistance at a time. The most recent application is always the one that applies.

-Power (at-will): You can use the Invoker power Visions of Blood at will.

Goals of the Staff of the Infinite Self:

Further enlighten its wielder in the ways of the Self.
Convert followers to the ways of Self.
Devour creatures touched by the elements.

Starting Score: 5
-Owner gains a level: +1d10
-Owner clearly wins a religious debate against a devout follower of the gods in a very public venue: +1
-Owner converts a significant number of followers to the Revelation of Personal Divinity: +1
-Owner reduces an elite or solo enemy with the elemental, immortal, or dragon keyword to 0 hp with an attack through the staff: +1d6 +1 per level the enemy was higher than owner, -1 per level it was lower.
-Owner is defeated by or concedes to the superiority of another being, including being outvoted by party members: -1
-Owner finishes an encounter with the Helpless condition, including being at 0 hp or below: -1
-Owner allows servants of the gods to subjugate others against their will: -1

Pleased (16-20)
“What need have we of the gods, when we ourselves are the true source of Divinity?”

-Property: The bonus to Arcana, Religion, Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate increases to +5.
-Property: The owner’s powers ignore five points of any resistance when dealing damage to any target. This stacks with any existing power which allows the owner to bypass a target’s resistances.
-Power (Daily): Standard, Close Blast 5, Each, Cha vs. Will, each creature in blast. Hit: 2d10 + Cha Radiant damage and target is Dazed (save ends). Special: Creatures with the elemental, immortal, or dragon keyword within the area lose one damage resistance of the owner’s choice (save ends). The caster gains an identical resistance for any resistance which an affected target has not yet regained by saving.

Satisfied (12-15)
“Personal Enlightenment is Divine in and of itself.”

-Property: Gain a +2 bonus to Will Defense.

-Power (Daily): Choose one of the following types of damage: Acid, Cold, Fire, Lightning, Radiant. Until the end of the encounter, you may change the damage type of any power channeled through the staff to half this chosen type and half its original type.

Normal (5-11)
“I have discovered the secrets of the Truth of Self, and have taken the first steps along the path to true enlightenment.”

Unsatisfied (1-4)
“Obviously my weakness of will has made me unworthy…”

-Any elemental resistance you have, whether intrinsic or garnered from a magic item or ritual, is reduced by 5.


Staff of Infinite Self

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