Large Engineering

When building an item, one can spend the equivalent of multiple of the same item to make an equivalent single larger item. Example: for the same price of four minor lift cores, one could build a much larger core capable of supporting the same amount as four minor ones.

Note that any airship must have both propulsion and lift components.

P- Propulsion

Pilot Load: A standardized game unit, the equivalent of one medium-sized creature with a light load.

Standard Load: a standardized game unit, the equivalent of 6 medium-sized creatures, each with a light load.

Vehicle Speeds: Given as Combat Speed/Overland Speed

Steam Drive (P-Ground): Lvl 6

Each propels one standard load along the ground at speed 6/10, or two loads at 3/5, or one pilot load at speed 8/12.

Dirigible (L): Lvl 8

Each lifts one standard load, though their fragility makes them a risk. These move at half speed indicated by their propulsion, and are highly subject to wind conditions.

Rockets (P) (x10): Lvl 8

Each propels a pilot load at 10/15, minimum 10, for a single encounter (max 5 minutes). Each rocket is a single-use item.

Armor Plating (M): 8 Each one hardens two standard loads with warship-grade armor, making it virtually impervious to personal-scale weapons. It fully takes up one of these loads (thus enough lift and propulsion must be provided for both).

Air Prop (P): Lvl 9

Each propels a vehicle supporting a standard load at speed 6/10 or a pilot load at speed 8/12

Shadowgate Generator (M): Lvl 10 Power (Daily): Opens a rift for a ship to travel between the Material Plane and the Shadowfell.

Lodestone Lift Core (L): Lvl 10

Each reliably supports up to one standard load.

Fixed Wing Craft (L): Lvl 12

Each supports one pilot load, and moves double the speed indicated by their propulsion. Must maintain minimum speed 10 or crash. Fixed-Wing craft require enough runway to complete two run actions to take off or land, or highly specialized infrastructure.

Maelstrom Refitting (M): Lvl 14

Allows a ship carrying one standard load to descend into the Maelstrom and return at will.

Jet Engine (P): Lvl 17

Moves a standard load 10/15, or a pilot load 15/20, minimum

Lode Crystals (L,P): Lvl 21

Each reliably supports one standard load, and propels it at speed 10/15, or a pilot load at 15/20

Aether Drive (M): Lvl 25

Power: (Daily) Opens a rift for a ship to travel to a discernable location on the material plane or astral sea. Valid destinations include anywhere within the astral sea, including just outside the astral curtain of a given realm, or within one mile of the location any known teleportation circle within the material plane.

Large Engineering

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